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Top 10 Dating Ideas to Use for Lover’s Day in Medellin

Are you wondering what to do and where to go for Lover’s Day in Medellin? Don’t worry because there are plenty of romantic spots to visit and activities to try in the country.

If you don’t have a partner, no sweat. Medellin is home to many interesting single women. You’re bound to find someone. In the meantime, keep looking.

Once you find yourself a date, brace yourself because we have a list of fun dating ideas for you to try on Lover’s Day.

A Latina woman holding up glasses.
Picking the best dating ideas doesn’t have to be difficult.

Before we dive into our ideas, let’s look at your options. The more you narrow down what you want for your date, the better. Let’s narrow it down to four categories: cozy, food, activity, or drinking.

Choose one or two from the categories. These categories will help you determine the best dating ideas you can use to celebrate Lover’s Day with your date.


If you’re looking for something cozy, you can choose from one of the many cafes in Medellin. Going to a cafe is one of the best first date ideas. Order some coffee, sit down, and talk about anything that comes to mind.

There are places like the La Taza Tienda de Cafe, where it’s small and quiet. You and your date can talk for hours without ever getting disturbed. Even more, the food and coffee there are unbelievable.

Cozy + Food

Mixing cozy and food means a dinner date. A nice, snug dinner out in the many restaurants in Medellin can be a good choice for the evening. The food and ambiance can help ease the tensions of meeting for the first time.

A little piece of advice: being on time isn’t common in Colombia. Most Latinas tend to be late for more than 30 minutes because it’s not in their culture to be on time. If your date is around 6:30 in the evening, tell her to be there at 6:00 pm.

The most likely thing to happen is that she’ll arrive at around 6:45. However, if your date shows up late to dinner more than once without an explanation, you should reconsider. Don’t waste your time on red flags, and keep moving forward.

Cozy + Activity

Cozy activities mean getting out for a relaxing adventure. You can go explore the famous Metrocable to see the city. Try tourist attractions or places that she recommends.

Parque Arvi or Parque Explora are places that you can also try. Have a long and meaningful conversation while you’re at it. Medellin women are attracted to good conversationalists, so try your best to be engaging on your date.

Cozy + Drinking

Spending time inside is also a great date idea. Quality time is a love language that Medellin women speak fluently. Pop open a bottle and have a cozy evening inside the comforts of home.

Three Latina women half-dressed laughing
Choose fun dating ideas for your date in Medellin.


Food is the best way to a person’s heart. In Medellin, you have a long list of options for restaurants. Before picking a place, you have to ask yourself, “What time are we eating,” if you want to get specific options.

Will you be eating at breakfast, brunch, or dinner? If you want breakfast or brunch, we recommend going to Dante. It serves 100% authentic Italian dishes that can leave you wanting more.

Dinner is one of the most frequented first date ideas at night. We recommend going to Oci.mde for its exemplary service and variety. Oci.mde is known to change its menu every five months, so you can never eat the same meal twice.

Food + Activity

If you’re a foodie, this category is definitely for you. Medellin has food stalls located at every turn. Each street leads to a different aroma and a different type of delicacy. The go-to place we recommend is Mercado del Rio.

There, you can find all sorts of cuisines. You can find Japanese dishes or even Thai delicacies. Even more, the ambiance and the setting make it a fun opportunity for a food trip.

Food + Drinking

Going out for food and drinks is a simple dating idea. All you have to worry about is the venue and the time. You can try going out to Burdo after work hours.

Here you will find good music and good food. You can try the breathtaking cocktails that are perfect for date nights.


Activity is for adventurous souls that prefer amazing sceneries instead of a local bar. If the Medellin woman you’re dating loves hiking or sightseeing, you should take her on an adventure. Here are a few places we recommend:

  • Rio Claro Valley

The Rio Claro Valley is the perfect place to visit for explorers. The Rio Claro Natural Reserve has cabins, crystal-clear waters, and wildlife. The reserve also has activities such as rafting and ziplining.

You can also try caving, but the conditions change depending on the weather. During the wet season, caving can get a bit extreme and dangerous. The facilitators might even cancel and close after a storm.

  • Parque Arvi

Parque Arvi, also known as Ecotourism Arvi Regional Park, is an open park where you can explore to your heart’s content. If the woman you’re dating likes walking, Parque Arvi is the place to go.

Here you can find almost any outdoor activity like horseback riding and ziplining. You can join private silleteros tours or make a plan of your own. Just make sure to bring extra clothes and drinking water.

Activity + Drinking

One thing Medellin women are known for is their dancing. We definitely recommend going to Bolivar. It’s the best nightclub with reggae and club music. If your date wants to drink and dance, she will also recommend Bolivar.

The sounds, decoration, and vibe are exactly like a beach party. But don’t go wearing clothes for a beach party. Bolivar is strict with its clothes rule; make sure to ask your date if what you’re wearing is allowed.


If you want a more relaxed setting, you can try going to Panorama. It is on a rooftop in Provenza and provides a quiet atmosphere for your date. You and your date can drink until morning without anyone disturbing you.

Make Sure to Enjoy

A quick piece of advice; Medellin women know how beautiful they are. Most of them will choose a partner who knows what to do in a relationship.

That’s all from our top 10 dating ideas that you can use for Lovers Day. Dating women from Medellin will be difficult, so make sure to have fun!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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