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Avoid These Red Flags When Dating Colombian Women

A beautiful, smiling Colombian woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car while holding a flower up against her right ear Be aware of the following red flags when dating Colombian women. | Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels

Dating in Colombia is always an exciting experience.

For foreign men like you, there is no shortage of intelligent and beautiful women you can meet in this exquisite country. Add that to the fact that Colombian women are very open to mingling with others, and surely it is no issue for any of them to start dating men they like so that they can eventually find genuine love and happiness.

However, we’ll have to ask you to hold your horses.

Before you go out and meet with these lovable women and find yourself justifying your intentions to date them, you must first learn how to protect yourself from getting into a toxic relationship that would possibly be full of disasters in the future.

The best way to filter these unwanted traits or issues is by looking out for major red flags right at the beginning of the dating stage.

Yes, that Colombian woman you met may be the perfect fit according to your standards, but there’s no telling if she might be the reason you’ll never get to have a healthy relationship.

The following are ten of the most obvious warning signs to look out for when dating Colombian women. Learn the reasons behind each of these red flags and see where your Latina date's actions fall.

Remember: At the first sign of any of these red flags, start planning on how you can avoid getting into a serious relationship with your date no matter how attractive and sexy you think she is.

1. Colombian women who disrespect other people.

When anyone goes out on a date, they will obviously put their best foot forward. Your date will do her best to be very accommodating and kind to you because like you, she wants to leave a good impression.

However, the moment she switches manners when dealing with anyone else aside from you, such as food attendants or bystanders, then you know it’s all a charade.

If you tolerate something like this right from the start, it won’t be long until she turns her rudeness or bad temper towards you.

Having a partner who has no respect for other people should be a major no-no for you.

2. Colombian women who are always extremely late.

Any relationship expert will tell you that it’s okay for women to be late to their date. After all, these ladies take the time to look extra good for you, right?

In this case, Colombian women are known to be late to some of their dates. This is because they want to be sure they look elegant, beautiful, and decent. Remember that you’re not the only one who wants to make a good and lasting impression.

Be that as it may, if your Colombian date manages to be extremely late on your first few dates, most especially on the first one, without even giving so much of a reason or apology, then you might as well accept that maybe she didn’t want to be there in the first place.

While it’s true that she should at least aim to be on time, she should also show how bad she feels about being late. If not, then it’s pretty obvious.

Being late to a special meetup without an acceptable reason is a sign that she gives no importance to this date and has no respect for your time.

A Colombian woman who is truly interested in you will not only come to your date early or on time, but will also do her best to appear invested.

If she cannot give you a heads-up minutes or an hour before, you are obviously wasting your time on someone who does not value you.

This time, being extremely and unreasonably late is as bad as not showing up at all.

3. Colombian women who have double standards.

Some men find it cute and appealing when their lady lover gives them rules or limits in the relationship, such as not texting any other girl, not partying out with others when she’s not around, or that weekends should solely be for the two of them to spend together.

While these may make you feel all giddy and special, you could be running the risk of getting caught up in an ugly double standard. This is certainly not among the well known characteristics of a Colombian woman, but it never hurts to be mindful of this toxic trait.

This type of setup will likely allow only one side of the relationship to do things that are not acceptable for the other.

It is obviously unfair, and for a woman to have such a trait can only mean that she wants to have every last say in the relationship.

You must remember that there are no successful partnerships that have unequal rights and power.

4. Colombian women who talk bad about their exes.

While there is no handwritten rule stating that you cannot talk about your previous relationships during a date, there are some guys who are sensitive to such - and that’s perfectly normal.

As a good rule of thumb, remind your Colombian date that you would rather focus on both of you and what you have at this point, rather than dwell on the past.

However, if past experiences do come to the table and you both are comfortable with talking about your exes, just remember to stay in line.

Watch out for a woman who is too critical of her previous lovers to the point that she’s constantly badmouthing them and calling them nasty names.

Her past relationships may not have ended in the best of terms, but it is still rude to label others with derogatory remarks.

Women who do these things may be considered narcissists — and you obviously don’t want that kind of person in your life.

5. Colombian women who rush the relationship too quickly.

One of the major red flags in a relationship is when one party rushes into it too quickly. This is especially important if your Colombian date is aggressive about it even though you are clearly still trying to get to know each other better.

Women who do this are either of the following: one, they are not serious about making the relationship grow; two, they are practicing a very toxic type of serial monogamy; and three, they only care about what they can benefit from the relationship itself.

You know well that the value of making a relationship grow takes time, patience, and experience, so rushing into things will only likely set you up for a very ugly situation in the future.

Also, wouldn’t you find it weird if a woman asked this much already when you haven’t even connected with her on any of her social media accounts yet?

6. Colombian women who put you on a pedestal.

You are perfect in her eyes. You are her dream partner. You even look like you walked right out of her fantasies.

These kinds of compliments, although sweet-sounding, can be her way of projecting the ideal man in her head rather than seeing you and your potential as is.

With these statements comes her impossible expectations for you. Anytime you shatter any of these expectations, you are met with a different kind of woman altogether.

She may become angry, inconsolable, or even consider gaslighting you as if it were your fault all along.

Love and relationships are all about completing each other, not being perfect for one another.

Raising the Red Flag on Colombian Women

She will be irresistible at first, but if this is how she acts on your first few dates, don’t go any further with her.

These red flags should be your clear warning signs that the Colombian woman you’re dating is not good for you.

Move on. There are still many, many beautiful women you will meet in Colombia. Simply try your luck again with another Latin beauty and you’ll see why the previous one was not a total loss.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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