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Questions to Ask a Medellin Girl

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First impressions always matter when it comes to dating. It sets the bar for the Medellin ladies that you meet. Attracting a loving, lifelong partner who’s compatible with you entails making a lasting connection with them on your first date. While this sounds easy, pulling off a smooth conversation during the actual meetup can actually be a challenge for some men seeking relationships.

Your very first date is understandably nerve-wracking. By knowing the assortment of topics you can talk about and which questions are appropriate to ask, you are assured that you have this date in the bag. Don’t make the mistake of throwing uncomfortable questions, as this will lessen your chances of earning their approval.

Common Questions to Ask on the First Date

Being on the same page when you date Medellin women is the key to ensuring the success of your romantic rendezvous. Sometimes, breaking the ice when on dates can feel a bit forced and scripted. With these questions, you can easily avoid that from happening. Set a smoother pace for your conversations with the following questions to ask.

  • What are you looking for in a partner?
    It’s a nice discussion to share the characteristics you want in a partner. You get to learn the kind of person that she imagines she can be with and at the same time, it can help you determine what her expectations are. This helps lay out everything that the both of you want. You can assume the compatibility of your relationship based on her answers.

    Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that her answers are the set standards for her to like someone. It actually gives you a good foresight of how you can get her affection better. You can get to know the kind of person she is, by finding out the type of person that she wants.
  • What are your pet peeves in a partner?
    Aside from knowing the Medellin dating etiquette and what she’s looking for in a partner, it is ideal for you to figure out what makes the girl you are dating tick. Do you have these habits and personality traits, by any chance? You can avoid disappointing her by knowing her pet peeves. The last thing you want is for her to get turned off from the things that you are doing.
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  • What do you do on your free time?
    It would be nice to know the kind of lifestyle that she lives by. You don’t necessarily have to go into details. Lean more towards the things that she’s interested in and what she does whenever she has the time. This also gives you an idea on what you have in common and what else you can do together. Paying attention to their interests will also have a positive effect on these Medellin women seeking foreign men.

    Moreover, you can plan out future dates based on her hobbies. Does she like to paint? Maybe you can take her to an art museum next time. Perhaps she likes to keep her body fit. You can then plan to jog or workout together the next time you hangout.
  • Have you traveled to other places?
    It’s also interesting to know how far they’ve traveled and would they still want to see more sights. You can discover the places that she wants to visit soon. If the Medellin girl you are dating is fond of flying to different countries, then she is more likely open to learning more about your culture. This also gives you an idea on where you can take her during an out of town or out of country holiday.
  • How would you describe your dream date?
    Every girl has her own dream date and it would be really romantic and thoughtful of you, if you could pull it off for the lady that you are dating. Ask her what she likes to do and what she expects her date to prepare. While on this topic, you can also ask the worst date she has been on to know what you shouldn’t do.

Questions to Avoid Asking

While asking questions on first dates can be helpful with breaking the ice, there are actually some questions which are total deal breakers. A Medellin bride may be open-minded, but they are also smart enough to judge you based on your inquiries. Avoid putting yourself in awkward situations and keep your date going, by avoid the following questions.

  • Why did your past relationships end?
    There’s no point in bringing up the past, especially now that you’re trying to begin a relationship that could last in the future. Avoid mentioning their previous relationships at all cost - unless they open up to you first. Medellin women seeking marriage prefer to look forward rather than dwell on the past.

    Whatever the reason she and her past partners’ relationships came to an end is none of your business. This might only make her feel uncomfortable, as you continue with your date.
  • Where do you see us going?
    Don’t think too far ahead while still on your first date. While it’s okay to express your intentions and how you would like to have a relationship with them, it’s still far too early to ask any lady where you’re heading. Instead, enjoy the night and let your feelings for each other develop naturally, as you continue seeing each other on more dates.

    The point of you going on Medellin singles tours is to meet someone who is as serious as you are in finding someone for a lifelong relationship. So you can expect that she too, has the same serious intentions that you have.
  • Why are you single?
    For whatever reason that she is not seeing someone at the moment, never ask the single Medellin girl you are on a date with why they are single. Although it is something that might spike your curiosity, it’s still inappropriate to ask your date why they are not with anyone. They might take it negatively and assume that you find something wrong with being single.

    They might also misinterpret it as you implying that something is wrong with them. Instead, you can give out compliments about how thankful you are that she is not currently with anyone, and that you have the chance to go out with her.

These are just some of the questions to ask a Medellin girl on your first date and some questions that you should avoid. Remember these things during our group and individual tours to Medellin.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 18 June, 2024
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