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Find a Medellin Bride - Why Medellin Girls for Marriage Make the Best Brides

Medellin women are some of the most sought after brides in the world. They are beautiful, marriage-minded women who are looking for someone serious, mature, and who is able to commit themselves in a long-term relationship. Marry a Medellin bride and experience the unique Medellin marriage culture firsthand. Learn why Medellin girls for marriage make the best brides in the world.

If you are looking for the right woman who wants to start a family with you, these single Medellin women will make great candidates. Not only do they have amazing physical qualities, they also possess pleasing personalities. They have big hearts with so much love to give and a caring nature that is key to having a loving relationship. These qualities and more, are the main reasons why many foreign men date Medellin women.

Amazing Qualities of Medellin Women

There are several qualities that all Medellin girls for marriage share in common. To name a few, they are family-oriented, genuinely caring, and easy to love. These ladies grew up to the Medellin culture of families being very tight-knit. That is why it is not a big mystery as to why they care so much for their family.

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Furthermore, it is for that same reason that you can expect your Medellin bride to dedicate her time and self to you - and your future family. They would give up their careers and passions if it comes in between her responsibilities to you as a wife and to your kids as their mother.

Being caring is a trait that these single Medellin girls have. They are not being nice for play pretend. They have a natural, compassionate personality, which is why they may sometimes worry about their significant other. Their love is selfless and abundant, which makes them great homemakers.

They will nurture your relationship and will do anything to make your marriage run as smooth as possible. These are the types of brides who won’t leave you when you hit your lowest point. They will be your partner for life through hardships and happiness.

Because of their personality, beauty, and the Medellin dating culture, it comes as no surprise why a lot of men fall in love with these girls. Their sweet nature and commitment to a relationship makes them highly desired brides for men like you who are searching for "the one."

Medellin Brides vs Western Brides

Medellin ladies are different compared to typical western brides. The culture and environment that these ladies got used to while growing up is a big difference alone. When it comes to weddings, these brides are not after grandiose celebrations. They prefer something more romantic and intimate, with the audience comprising their closest friends and family.

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Meanwhile, most western brides prefer intricate details for their weddings, even adding diamonds on their cakes. This is not the kind of culture that Medellin brides are used to. You will notice this as you figure out how to date Medellin women early on in your relationship.

Another notable difference from Medellin women seeking marriage and foreign girls about to get married, is that these ladies freely accept comments and suggestions from their parents. In fact, your soon-to-be in-laws will play a big role during the planning process.

In time, you can expect a lot of family support in your future endeavors. This guarantees that you will have a firm helping hand should you and your Medellin wife hit rock bottom. This is something that is not particularly common for western women and their families.

Wedding Traditions for Medellin Women

Like any other place, Medellin has its own marriage culture. Here are some Colombian wedding traditions that your soon-to-be bride will most likely want to follow.

  • Unlike modern weddings, the entourage in a Colombian wedding doesn’t usually have groomsmen and bridesmaids. Instead, they have a so-called "Godfather" and "Godmother", whose role is to give all-around advice for the bride and groom.
  • Brides will want their grooms to ask the permission of their parents and elders first, before them both walk down the aisle.
  • Before the wedding, it is your role to surprise your soon-to-be wife with a serenade. Your Godfather may come with you to where the bride is for this romantic deed.
  • During the wedding, your bride is covered with a mantilla or the typical wedding veil. This is combined with beautiful flowers that symbolizes her purity. This symbolism is the reason why most weddings in Colombia have so many flower decorations.
  • After the priest completes the wedding rites, both of you will then undergo the Las Arras ceremony. You are handed thirteen coins, which you will exchange with your wife. This is a symbolism for "what’s mine is now yours."
  • A candle lighting ceremony follows the exchange of coins. You and your bride will each light up a candle, which you will then use to light a single candle. This is to symbolize your union as one body for the rest of your lifetime. After the single candle is lighted, you will put out your individual candles.
  • Another Colombian wedding tradition is for all the men in the wedding to take off all their belts. This test of masculinity is done after the church ceremony. The owner of the biggest belt is considered the winner.
  • Single men attending the wedding will have to join the shoe tradition as well. They need to put their shoes under your Medellin bride’s dress, and she will then choose a random shoe. The owner of the chosen shoe is said to be the next person to get married. This follows the similar concept of the bouquet toss in most western weddings.
  • Dances will never be missing during Medellin weddings. Common dances include Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, and Vallenato. Everyone attending the wedding is invited to dance along with you and your bride.
  • The festivities don’t stop after the wedding. The following day, most families hold one more celebration for you and your bride. Your guests gather again, sharing food, drinks, and dances with one another. This is their way of sending you off with well wishes.
  • One particular rule in Colombia is that you, nor your bride can marry one other if either of you have been married in a Catholic church before, and when the ex-partner is still alive.
  • The Catholic church has to invalidate the previous union before you can marry someone else in a Catholic church again.

Medellin wedding traditions are very exciting and you can experience all of these practices when you marry a Medellin bride soon. She will be someone whom you love and who loves you just as much. Meet these kinds of ladies when you register for free with the best Medellin marriage agency and matchmaker services today.

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