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Have A Night In With Your Colombian Girlfriend | Medellin Dating

A man dating a Latina You don’t always need to experience nonstop fireworks when dating a Latina. Have some downtime; enjoy a cozy date at home.

People have this idea that true love is just one long montage of fairy tale moments, of dancing and kissing, and of partners being swept off their feet. While those moments are sometimes true to life, the fact is that they aren’t the only characteristics of true love.

Romantic bliss isn’t always passionate. Sometimes, a happy couple can find the real truth of their love for one another in the quiet moments. Sometimes, it's in quiet moments that one can understand what true love really means.

Not that every couple, happy or otherwise, should have a love life that is loud or bombastic. Not everyone is aware that fireworks are not the entirety of all relationships.

There are couples out there who expect their relationship to be nonstop fireworks, especially for men who are dating a Latina.

But fireworks can overwhelm you pretty quickly, not to mention that there are times when the couch will beckon you with its siren song. At that point, there’s really not much to do other than plant yourself on it and settle in for the night. As such, staying in with your Colombian girlfriend might just be what your relationship needs.

Why Have A Night In

Fireworks and sparks are great for the beginning of a romantic relationship, but they’re not the entirety of one. There’s more to falling in love than just the moments where everyone and everything burns hot.

Some people are entirely enamored with the idea of a relationship that is always passionate. They burn bright, but the thing about burning so brightly is that it can mean burning out rather quickly.

How To Have a Night In

The thing about a relationship that always runs hot is that it can burn out and implode in on itself. It’s like the engine of a car. If the car moves, then the engine gets warm. If it gets too warm and overheats, then the car stops being able to move.

But some people have forgotten what it means to just stay in with their partner. There are a lot of ways for a couple to turn a simple day or night at home into a fun and worthwhile experience.

  1. A Quiet Dinner
  2. People think of a dinner date as being one wherein the couple dresses up, makes their way to a restaurant, and orders food prepared by some chef who trained under a master in Europe.

    But that’s not always how a couple can have dinner together. Sometimes, they can just stay home and cook something up. Their meal doesn’t have to be something handcrafted by a maestro. It could be something that can be heated in the microwave. What matters is that they’re together.

  3. Binge A Show Together
  4. Dinner isn’t all that there is to staying in. Sometimes, a couple can just sit on the couch and watch television.

    Taking time off to rest the body and recharge the mind is extremely important for couples. The time spent resting can help two people find the strength they need to put more work into their relationship, and relationships require work, and they require energy.

    A great way to rest the mind and body is to curl up on the couch and watch television. Sitcoms are particularly good since they’re meant to be ingested in twenty or thirty-minute long increments, and they're written in a way that even a first-time viewer can generally follow along without having to watch all the show's seasons beforehand.

  5. Picking Up the Pieces
  6. Sometimes, staying in isn’t about doing nothing. There are always little things to do around the house, like chores that need to be done, but for which time cannot be found throughout the day. Well, a night in is probably the only opportunity to get such chores done. Sometimes, true love is about doing each other's laundry after the sun goes down.

    A Colombian girlfriend watching a movie Whether it’s a rom-com or a thriller, watching a movie is always fun and relaxing, especially with your Colombian girlfriend.
  7. Just Rest the Body
  8. Energy is both finite and infinite; finite in the sense that not everyone is going to have it for long, and infinite in the sense that it never truly goes away, just changes form and transfers from one vessel to another. But the thing is that sometimes, a person just does not have the energy to put on an outfit and leave the house.

    Being able to do nothing and rest can be a luxury to some. To a person who is tired after a long day, being able to just do nothing can feel like a day at the spa. Being able to do nothing together with your partner can help you come up with your own description of true love.

  9. Weather Permitting
  10. Sometimes, a night in isn’t voluntary. A couple may find themselves trapped in the house because of weather conditions. Maybe a blizzard dropped a ton of snow on the streets. Maybe a storm has made it unsafe to go outside. Whatever the case, sometimes a night in is the only option.

  11. Must See Event
  12. On occasion, there are programs which cannot be missed. Sometimes, there’s a program that has to be watched live, even in the age of streaming on demand. Maybe it’s an episode after a cliffhanger, or maybe it’s a sporting event. Either way, a couple will want to stay in and watch it.

    Staying inside to watch a live event or important episode can be great, because then a couple will be able to look back at something potentially momentous and know where they were when said momentous event happened, and it will have taken place in their own living room.

    Couples need time to recharge, especially after having to deal with all kinds of things on a daily basis, such as work, family, friends, goals, chores, and so on. They need to catch their breath and let their muscles and bones recover. Life doesn’t always have to be so fast. Sometimes, it can slow down to a crawl, or even to a full stop, if only for a few moments.

    The passion and heat can come back later, but time has to be made for just being able to exist without any expectation.

    True love doesn't always have to be loud. Sometimes, it can be quiet. Quiet moments are a necessity in every relationship. They allow couples to connect on a level that passion cannot facilitate. Those quiet moments can be the places in which trust and intimacy are found.

    So the next time you’re looking for something worthwhile to do with your Colombian girlfriend, consider staying in and sharing some deep and quiet moments together.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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