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Best Wedding Venues in Medellin: Getting Married in Colombia

A wedding being celebrated in the middle of a Colombian street.
Many wedding venues in Medellin are so magical that they make you want to get married twice to your Latina bride.

Probably the most important event in your life is your wedding.

It’s the day you can finally call the love of your life your wife. Because this occasion is important, you want to make sure that it will be perfect and unforgettable for you and your partner.

Hence, choosing the right wedding venue should be your utmost priority. It will set the tone of the wedding’s itinerary.

Whatever style of wedding you prefer, be it a fairytale wedding, a rustic farm wedding, or a bohemian style wedding, the location plays an integral part in making your dream wedding come true.

With that said…

If you and your partner plan on getting married in Colombia, specifically in the city of Medellin, then you’re reading the right blog.

Here’s a list of beautiful wedding venues in Medellin, Colombia. For your convenience, we’ve grouped them into three categories: beaches, outdoor gardens, and hotel venues.

Check out these places to get married in Colombia:

Elegant Hotel Venues for Indoor Weddings

If you have family members from out of town as guests or if you just don’t want to hassle yourself traveling to and from the venue, hotels are an excellent choice.

Besides being convenient, you also save money on transportation.

You can stay in your own suite the day before the ceremony. Call the hotel in advance and ask them to reserve an entire floor for you. Communicating with your entourage, family, and other guests about wedding plans won’t be as difficult since they’re on site.

Consider these hotel wedding venues in Medellin:

  1. Hotel Poblado Alejandria Express

    Thanks to its professional team of wedding organizers, it can be argued that it’s one of the best wedding venues in Medellin Colombia. Hotel staff are on standby throughout your special day and are ready to help out.

    To add, there are multiple areas inside the premises of the hotel where you can hold your wedding ceremony.

    • Sky Meeting Room — Located on the 15th floor of the hotel. It can accommodate approximately 35 guests. Hence, it’s perfect for small-scale weddings. The best part is the giant glass windows. It offers a gorgeous panoramic view of downtown Medellin.

    • Café Alejandría Restaurant — Located on the lower floor. It can accommodate approximately 40 guests. Hence, it’s perfect for small, cozy, and intimate weddings.

    • Gran Andes — One of the bigger places in the hotel. A great option for large weddings since it can comfortably fit 40 to 120 people.

    • La Terraza — A large garden. This should be part of the outdoor wedding venue category. But since it’s located inside a hotel, we’ll treat it as an exception. This space can fit approximately 150 guests.

    • Main Square — It’s an expandable room. It can initially fit 60 people. However, you can choose to expand and have the adjoining room open to fit an additional 50 people.

  2. Hotel Park 10

    A few blocks from Lleras Park, Medellin’s entertainment district, is this four-star hotel. One of the services it offers is a full wedding arrangement.

    Similar to Hotel Poblado, Hotel Park 10 also has its own team of professional wedding organizers that help you plan your special day. Leave the wedding decorations, tables, chairs, sound system, stage, and food to them. Focus your attention and time on other things such as writing your vows.

    In terms of space, the hotel has a huge conference room that’s 2088 square feet in size. It can comfortably fit 60 to 100 guests.

Resort Venues for Beach Weddings

You won’t find any beaches in Medellin since it’s not a coastal city. However, there are tons of beautiful nearby beach resorts you can travel to.

For example, Cartagena. It’s a lovely port town and a popular beach destination. It’s also just a few hours away.

Check out these beach wedding venues in Cartagena, Colombia:

One of the beach wedding venues in Medellin.
Beach resorts are such a cliche when it comes to wedding venues, but you can’t help but love the romantic breeze they bring.
  1. Hotel Isla del Encanto

    Though it’s a hotel, it’s primarily a resort. It has a gorgeous view of the Caribbean sea. In the back portion of the hotel is a beach front with a massive area of 300 meters, which can fit around 500 guests.

  2. Barú Playa Eco-Beach Resort

    Conveniently nearby is Baru Church. If you ever choose this location, you can opt to have the ceremony in the church and have the reception at the beach resort.

    It has an amazing open-concept restaurant that offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. The resort also has an in-house international chef who you can request to take care of the catering.

  3. Hotel Las Islas

    The hotel offers three equally gorgeous wedding spaces:

    • Las Islas Bar — An open bar space fronting the ocean. Staying here during late afternoons and during sunsets is magical.

    • Beachside — If you don’t mind the sand, choose this area. It’s by the sea, giving a great backdrop for your wedding photos.

    • Barú Lounge — If you like being near the sea but don’t like the heat, this closed and air-conditioned space is ideal. The 360° full-sized glass window tricks you into thinking you’re outside. It allows you to get a view of the sea and the green forestry. It’s a hybrid indoor-outdoor venue.

Garden Venues for Outdoor Weddings

If you and your partner are certified nature lovers, then garden venues are your ideal wedding location. Visit these three incredible garden spaces in Medellin and decide if it’s perfect for you:
  1. Hacienda Fizebad

    This rustic country hotel is located in Medellin’s rural area. It’s completely surrounded by nature. There are tall, luxurious, and green trees, diverse fauna, wild flora, and massive grasslands.

    You can also find a small yet rustic colonial chapel. As for the reception area, this hacienda has four decently-sized spaces that are perfect to host your guests after the ceremony.

    • Terrace living room — can fit up to 100 people.

    • Convention room — can fit up to 110 people.

    • Founders room — can accommodate up to 48 people.

    • Orquideas — has a maximum capacity of 230 people.

    All spaces come with free use of round tables and chairs, courtesy of the venue.

  2. Casa Mosaico Hotel Boutique

    If you’re leaning for a bohemian style wedding, then this large estate is perfect for you. It has a wooden interior and exterior. There’s a decent-sized garden and an outdoor restaurant with a full-functioning bar.

    Aside from the garden space, there’s also a banquet hall just beside it. You can choose between the two as your venue.

  3. Jardin Botanico

    A popular place for outdoor weddings in Medellin is this massive 14-hectare garden space. There are numerous plant life sprawling throughout the premises of this venue.

    The most sought-after space, however, is the Orquideorama. It’s an indoor-outdoor space that is shaded by large canopies shaped like a flower bouquet.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Medellin Wedding?

Finally, the inevitable question every groom asks: How much will a Medellin wedding cost?
Wedding destinations in Colombia are very popular nowadays and surprisingly cheaper compared to most U.S. weddings.
According to a 2019 wedding report, the average cost of a Colombian wedding amounts to $3,300 - assuming of course that you and your partner decide to have an intimate guest count and a relatively modest wedding.
On a different note, U.S. weddings can cost as high as $29,200. Talk about a huge expense gap!
And with recent events such as the Ukraine-Russian war, you’ll have to anticipate higher inflation rates.
Because of this, some couples settle for a destination wedding to cut costs rather than spend a lot of money on a conventional wedding.

Do I Have to Shoulder All of the Wedding Expenses?

In Colombian wedding tradition, the bill is usually split between the couple and the bride’s family. Parents pay for 52% of the wedding expenses, the couple pays for the 47%, and the remaining 1% is paid for by loved ones.
Naturally, you’ll purchase both the wedding and engagement rings while the bride and her entourage look for a wedding dress and handle most of the wedding preparations.
Or if she wants to forgo the hassle of planning a wedding, she can hire a wedding planner to handle all of the arrangements.

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