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Valentine’s Day Gifts A Colombian Woman Will Appreciate

Couple holding gift
Get your perfect match something that is as perfect as they are.

So, Valentine’s Day is coming up and unlike Valentine’s Days of the past, you’ve actually got someone to be your Valentine this time around. She’s a Colombian woman and you like her a lot. You might even love her. And you want to show her how much you like (or even love) her on the one day of the year where you’re expected to celebrate romantic love.

But there’s one problem in that scenario. You’ve got no idea what to get her for the day. She’s your perfect match and you want to get her something that’s just as perfect.

But you don’t know what’s perfect for her. Maybe you don’t know what she likes other than you. Or maybe there are so many good options that you can’t narrow it down to just one or two or some other manageable number. You find yourself unable to get something to save your own love life.

You find yourself stuck and without a gift wrapped and ready and time is running out. The clock is ticking, the 14th of February is getting closer and closer and you’ve got zilch. But don’t fret too much. Make reservations at a nice restaurant and sit back and relax because there are a few good options that are sure to put a smile on her face when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Flowers and candies

If there’s one combination of gifts that’s synonymous with Valentine’s Day, it’s the combination of flowers and candies, usually the candies are chocolates and they’re usually packed in a heart-shaped box.

Now, the thing about this particular combo is that you can get it basically anywhere, especially in February. You can go to a florist and they might give you some candy to go along with the bouquet you buy. You could go to a chocolatier and get a bouquet with your box of chocolates.

Be forewarned that with Colombia being one of the world’s foremost producers of cacao, your date might have much higher standards than you do when it comes to chocolate.

Or you could skip both and just go to a gas station or a convenience store or a drug store. Flowers and candies are so popular during the month of February that you can get them basically anywhere before the 14th.

Couple holding a heart
Get your perfect match something that is as perfect as they are.

Gold-dipped rose

You know how some people dip their baby’s shoes in bronze so as to preserve them? Well, some companies do something pretty similar except with roses instead of baby shoes because while baby shoes may be cute, they’re not exactly romantic.

The idea behind the rose is that dipping them in gold preserves them and that preserved rose is supposed to symbolize enduring love between two people.

A stuffed animal

Keeping with the theme of things that are basically synonymous with Valentine’s Day, there are also stuffed animals. Normally, the stuffed animals have some message stitched on them declaring the giver’s affection for the recipient.

Much like the combo of flowers and chocolate above, they’re basically everywhere in the build-up to Valentine’s Day and can be purchased basically anywhere. You can also get one custom-made but you’ll have to make sure to place your order a few weeks in advance to make sure that it’s ready to be presented to your partner on the 14th.

A gift card

Alright, so the woman that you’re with chose you. It started out as an online relationship but she chose you. Or you chose her. Either way, there was a lot of choice going around. Well, maybe it’d be best to keep that energy going by giving your partner a gift card.

Giving her a gift card is like giving her cash, except it’s more limited because gift cards can only be used in the establishment to which they are attached. But they’re still a lot more personal than cash.

Now, gift cards or cash can work as a present because Colombian women like to be in control. Giving them a gift card or cash gives them that control.

An engagement ring

If you want to know how to marry a Colombian woman, you’re asking your partner. No, you don’t ask her how to marry her, you ask her to marry you and you begin that process by presenting her with a ring.

An engagement ring for Valentine’s Day is extra romantic because engagements and Valentine’s Days are both romantic by themselves so it’s basically two separate strains of romance fusing together. A lot of women in Colombia don’t date for the sake of dating. They’re dating to get married and settle down and build a life, so an engagement is a signal that you’re on the same wavelength.

A subscription to a streaming service

At some point in your life, you’ve probably seen a romantic comedy. If you haven’t, then you probably at least grasp the concept. They’re romance movies but they’re funny and they’re very popular with their target audience who are mostly women. The one you’re with is probably a fan.

Now, you could let her flip through channels and hope she finds one she wants to see or you could put the power in her hands and get her a subscription to a streaming service so she can pick which movies she wants to watch. Also, watching romantic-comedies together makes for ideal dates.

Heart-shaped balloons.
Let a Colombian woman know how much you care with a thoughtful gift.

A scented candle

If you’re well and truly stuck with what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, then you can always just throw your hands up in the air and get them a scented candle. A scented candle is great because you can go to any lifestyle or beauty shop and get one. But they’re also great at setting the mood and creating the desired ambience.

Plus, they come in a pretty wide variety of scents so you can pick the one that your partner likes best.

A gift basket

If you’re stuck and a scented candle doesn’t seem like it’s a good enough gift for Valentine’s Day, then you can always go with a gift basket. A gift basket can contain candles, plus matching lotion and body wash so it’s basically like getting them scented candles, except that you’re also adding the rest of the set in there, too.

There are so many different types of gifts out there that you can buy. But at the end of the day, you’re going to have to make a choice and hope for the best. Trust your gut and hope that it doesn’t lead you down a path where you hurt your partner’s feelings.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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