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Sustaining Your Relationship with a Medellin Woman This 2022

Woman sitting on a couch using her laptop
New year, new challenges in your relationship.

Stepping into the new year is a challenge for everyone, especially for those people whose loved ones are light-years away. Not to mention to men who are longing to see their foreign woman, only content in a video call or chat. If you’re one of those men who are dating Medellin women, you’ll need to find more ways to strengthen your relationship this New Year if you’re going to marry her soon.

2022 will be better. It has to be for the sake of your goal of marrying her. Planning to hit the reset button on how you manage your relationship can go a long way. Improving the romantic relationship you have will not only yield a better marriage but a fruitful bond in the future.

If you see her as your future foreign bride, it’s clear that your relationship with her is important. You don’t need to be perfect to toughen up the relationship. All you need is some of these:

Spend your time with her wisely.

Do you know why most long-distance relationships work? It’s because of exemplary time management. It means spending your best time with her rather than spending what’s left of your time in a day. There’s a stark contrast between quality time and the time you allot to her after a day in your workshop or business.

If you’re living in the USA, and you’re dating a woman in Medellin, you have the time advantage as there’s little difference between time zones compared to women who are in Europe and Asia.

Got a free night? Why not give her a surprise call on one of the instant messaging apps you use? Perhaps, don’t waste your night lounging on the couch, drifting to sleep. Instead, make the upcoming year worthwhile by carefully plotting a schedule intended for quality time together.

You can start the new year by just being there for each other. This means that you must free yourself of any activities before calling your chica. Give her your undivided attention and engage in talking about everything under the sun. Once you’ve mastered how to spend quality time with her, your 2022, and the years to come, will definitely be prosperous in terms of your relationship status.

Your Medellin girlfriend will appreciate every second you spend with her, hence, spend your time wisely as every minute you waste is a minute you’ll never get back.

Acknowledge imperfections in your relationship

Man and woman dressed in New Year sweaters making a selfie
All you need this 2022 is acceptance and understanding, not the perfect look or body.

Many couples’ New Year’s resolutions focus on having a perfect relationship. While this might sound encouraging and inspiring, most of them end up failing because couples tend to romanticize the idea and expect perfection. Whereas couples who acknowledge that no relationship is perfect tend to make their relationship last longer.

Carve out an hour or two with her and talk about the imperfections of your relationship, as well as how to make it work in the long run. You can discuss previous squabbles and decide how to avoid them in the future. Or, you can deliberate on how to create solutions to solve conflicts.

Think of your relationship as a boat. Eventually, it will have holes, but as long as you keep it covered, the boat will remain afloat. It’s crucial to acknowledge imperfections in a relationship, especially if both of you are dating online.

If you’re yearning for a long-lasting, satisfying, and loving relationship, both of you should work things out and accept any differences. Medellin women admire men who are optimistic when it comes to imperfect relationships.

Encourage to speak up

If you’ve been dating for quite a while, let her know that there’s no need to be shy and keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. On the other hand, if you’re recently dating, it’s a good opportunity to practice and encourage her to speak one’s mind about you or your relationship. Start your New Year right by constantly reminding her that you’re always there whenever she needs someone as an outlet for all of her pent-up emotions and problems in life.

Hiding behind the curtains is outdated and it tends to diminish the bond you’ve created with your significant other throughout your online dating period. Tell your pareja that keeping silent, be it with her personal battle or with your relationship, is a sign of abuse that won’t make her feel better. Let her know it’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated in your relationship.

Encouraging her will not only boost her confidence but also makes her feel comfortable whenever she is talking to you. While dating your Medellin novia is exciting and interesting, the language barrier can be a serious hurdle to communication. If she can’t express herself well, give her time to learn the language while you’re also learning her dialect or language.

Slow it down

Sometimes, you just want to try harder to make the relationship work. However, it’s also important to remind yourself that you need to slow down. Being hard on yourself won’t do any good to you and your relationship.

In 2022, tell yourself that you don’t need to rush everything just to fix things with her. Remind yourself that giving space to think and evaluate what happened is fine. You also don’t want to stress yourself over achieving something such as having the perfect physique or drop-dead stunningly gorgeous looks. All your novia desires is a responsible, loving, caring, and good husband, so focus on these obligations.

Also, let your girlfriend in Medellin know that being hard on herself is bad, too!

Stay in touch with her

Man and woman sitting on a couch
Staying in touch with your Medellin chica boosts intimacy and quality of your relationship

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your relationship this 2022 and the years ahead is to stay in touch with your Medellin date. Communicate with her if the opportunity presents and let her feel your love through physical intimacy when you meet her offline. If you want to marry a Medellin woman, go and meet her personally. Studies show that cuddling, kissing, and holding hands improve the quality of your relationship, as well as boost intimacy.

The more you stay in touch, the more she feels comfortable, validated, confident, and understood. Who doesn’t need that kind of intimacy this new year, right?

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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