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How to Dress in Colombia: Dating Colombian Women

A layout photo of a pair of brown leather boots arranged alongside a brown belt, a watch, a pair of sunglasses, as well as a neatly folded pair of dress pants and a white shirt The key to dating Colombian women starts with how you present yourself. | Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

When dating Colombian women, always remember that first impressions last.

This doesn’t just include your punctuality, essence of words, and table manners, but also how you dress.

If you want to meet Colombian women, you must be ready to look the part. Present yourself as the man they will surely be impressed by, proud of, and in love with.

If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you have the right outfit for every special occasion with a Colombian lady.

Sure, there may be certain Colombian dating norms that are very much different from what you’re used to, but if you’re a foreigner who wishes to find love among these stunning beauties, you might as well know how to stand out.

Even before you blurt out your first words to the woman you're interested in, what she will most likely notice first is your appearance.

So how can a foreign guy like you find the right balance between being dapper, fun, not so uptight, and eye-catching when it comes to dressing up?

Continue reading down below to find the answers. We will guide you through the ABCs of proper date dress-ups in Colombia.

1. Always try your best to look good.

The rest of these tips will all be for nothing if you won’t even give a second thought to considering how you will look when you go out on a date.

Making an effort to look good doesn’t mean you need to hire a personal stylist (although you can if you have the time and budget for it) or shop for branded items.

It’s all in the work of knowing which accessory or shirt color flatters you, and which of the other things you’ll be wearing expresses the real you.

There’s no need to overthink this as it may sabotage your entire getup.

You can check some fashion magazines and online blogs about what outfits are on trend today. Play with the ideas you come up with and mix them up with what you believe shows your attitude and personality.

Here’s a useful pro tip to keep in mind: Simple outfits are good enough as long as you’re confident in wearing them.

2. Make sure everything fits perfectly.

Now your thousand-dollar shoes would look pointless, if not horrendous, if they don’t even fit you right.

When men go out on a date, women always want them to look clean, classy, and attractive. One way to hit these three points is to wear clothes and accessories that are in your size.

You can always go to a tailoring shop to customize what you already own, or pick out some ready to wear items that wouldn’t need any further adjustments.

To check if you are on the right track, try moving your arms and legs around. You must be able to breathe, walk, and move comfortably without showing unnecessary skin.

The perfect fit doesn’t mean that your clothes have to stick on you like a second layer of skin. From head to toe, you should embody being well dressed, without having anything unusual or out of place in your overall appearance.

3. Consider where you are going.

Basing your outfit on where you will be having your date with a Colombian woman is as important as showing up, so you really need to make it work.

Perhaps you want to show off your gold watch and silk tie, but have you considered if they will be useful if you are headed to the beach? Will wearing a thick leather jacket be smart when you're spending time under the burning Colombian sun?

There are all sorts of in-demand date spots in various Latin American countries, and you will most probably be meeting your special lady in any one of them. So think about the proper attire for the place you’ll be going to.

Don’t end up standing out for all the wrong reasons.

4. Groom, groom, groom.

Dating Colombian women means you’ll have to look after your personal hygiene as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most expensive pair of shoes or the best suit and tie of the season, but if you don’t know how to groom, will any of your fancy items matter at all?

A rugged look may be enticing, but that is a style best achieved through thorough preparation and — surprise, surprise — being neat.

Grooming is a huge part of how you dress and present yourself. This includes trimming your nails, brushing your teeth, and making sure your hair is well kept.

However, there’s no need to go overboard and randomly change your hair the night before your date or shave your whole body.

The little things may not matter as much to you, but if you’re going to be dating Colombian women, every bit of your hygiene can be reason enough for them to turn you down.

5. Pick neutral colors.

Men who want to look sophisticated and be taken seriously lean towards dark or muted colors for their outfits.

You can always go for navy blue, black, white, or gray for your shirts and trousers. Not only will they look clean and simple, but they also don’t take the attention away from what you’ll be saying during your date.

Neutral colors help elevate your presence all the while staying muted.

Latin America is all about popping colors, beauty, and extravagance. Your role in this setup is not to be flashy, but to be a complementary piece.

Your patterned coats and sparkly ties will find some other time to show themselves off. Set them aside for when you’ll be having your first few dates with a Colombian woman.

Stay safe and classic with neutral colors.

Dressing Smartly When Dating Colombian Women

As you may have realized by now, dating Colombian women is not a tough feat. These ladies are some of the kindest and most fun people to hang out with.

While it may be true for some to say that love is blind, you still have to consider looking your best. Trust us, your efforts will show, and therefore, lead to a good and lasting impression.

It’s simply part of the Colombian dating culture for men and women to dress smartly whenever they go out on dates. In your case, it’s important to make yourself worthy of a Colombian woman’s attention. What better way to do so than dressing smartly?

For places to go to, you have a lot of incredible options to choose from within the country. For proper etiquette in terms of dating Colombian women, you have our whole website to rely on, plus the aforementioned tips on this guide to work on.

Nothing should stand in your way of getting together with beautiful Colombian women. Start by going out there in style and be sure to have some fun along the way. Good luck!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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