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5 Ways to Quickly FLEE a Bad Relationship

A photo of a couple sitting on a bench with the woman looking away from the man Know when to let someone go in order to properly find love.

In a perfect world, there is no such thing as a bad romantic relationship. Every person has a soulmate and everyone will eventually find their other half.

But being in a relationship requires a lot more than love and continuous effort. Both parties should put boundaries in place for less misunderstandings and arguments.

The characteristics of a good relationship include being a faithful and loving partner, knowing when to give each other space, and never waiting to make things right when needed.

Healthy relationships are all about love, patience, and understanding.

Of course, our world is hardly perfect, which is why there are a lot of lovelorn people out there combing through every bit of relationship advice they can get their hands on so that they can find themselves a romantic partner.

Many single individuals find it difficult to find love even when you yearn for it so badly.

It doesn’t matter how many dates you have to go through just so you can find and determine who you're compatible with. Relationships often will not work out how couples want them to in the end.

But other times, you get the chance to find a relationship where you think you could potentially be happy, that is until you turn out to be wrong. Then the time will come when you have to end the relationship.

The thing about deciding to end a relationship and move on is that the other party won’t always get the message clearly. You have to be sure to avoid this from happening so as to prevent things from getting any more complicated.

Knowing how to properly end a romantic relationship is just as important as knowing how to get into one.


Before breaking it off with your partner, take a moment to assess your feelings.

People get scared and they end up getting cold feet during relationships. They get scared because what they feel is real and they have no idea how to deal with the way they’re feeling nor how to process them. So they decide that they should end things rather than confront the terrifying notion that they could have found something real.

So before you pull the plug on your relationship with someone, you need to know for certain that it’s the right thing to do and that it’s what you truly want. You may find that your partner may be the best match for you after reassessing.

Bad Behavior

Some people find a way to end a relationship without having to break up with their partner. They d modify their behavior to irritate their partner. If they keep this up long enough, then their partner will eventually grow to resent them and choose to end the relationship themselves.

The drawback to this method is that it takes time to accomplish the goal of being single again. Some partners are so patient that the goal may never be accomplished.

Since this obviously isn’t a proper and fair way to end things with your partner, it’s best if you point out to them what makes you both incompatible for them to further understand why it’s pointless to continue staying together.

You can do all the bad behavior you want to discourage your partner but there’s no telling how long this method would prove to be effective.

Be Blunt About It

One way to end a relationship, if that’s what you really want, is to just be blunt about it.

In this scenario, you may look your partner in the eye and plainly tell them that the relationship just isn’t working out for you or that you’re no longer happy being part of it.

The blunt approach may be the least convenient one to take because the potential for confrontation and making a scene is much higher. But it’s still the most honest and open approach that’s worth giving a try.

Ghost Them

Although this is never an ideal method, it’s one that has become increasingly more common, especially with the advent of online dating these days.

Ghosting is when a person just ceases contact with their partner. They never actually break up with them, they just stop communicating with them entirely. This is especially prevalent in newer relationships where two people haven’t fully defined and determined what they are to each other.

The thing about ghosting someone is that it doesn’t really provide a sense of finality to the person being broken up with. They basically spend their time wondering what happened to you or what they did wrong.

And since it’s obvious that this is a cruel way to end a romantic relationship with someone, you may refer to this option only when all else seems to fail.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Do It

It’s important to practice initiating a breakup before doing it. Once you’ve finally decided breaking up is what you want, act quickly.

While you may not be able to recite what you’ve planned out in verbatim, you can at least remember some salient points, one of which should be the main reason why you want to get out of the relationship in the first place.

Ensure that your soon-to-be ex’s feelings are spared as much as possible. Sure, those feelings are about to be beaten into the ground, but there’s no need to make it more hurtful than it has to. The longer you gather up the courage to do what needs to be done, the more painful it could be on your partner’s end.

Indeed, breaking up can be difficult, even when there’s nothing wrong with the relationship. Just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean that it was a failure. It simply means that you weren’t right for each other and that things will only get more complicated if you insist on making things work even when you both know that it won’t.

Remember that romance is almost always a gamble and so it’s best to be ready to roll the dice whenever you’re up to find someone you’d like to be in a romantic relationship with.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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