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Things You Should Not Do When Dating a Colombian Woman

Man tries to surprise a Colombian woman with flowers

When it comes to dating, men carry an enormous pressure to make a good impression, which may result in their failure to pay enough attention to their date. If you are planning to date women from Medellin, you have to be mindful of your words and actions. For a greater chance of taking the relationship to the next level, here are a few things you shouldn’t do when you are dating a Colombiana from Medellin:

Never mispronounce her name. It’s common for a Colombian woman to have a Hispanic name, like Ximena or Guadalupe. While you might have trouble pronouncing Hispanic names, what matters is that you make the effort to say it correctly. If you won’t be able to pronounce her name, well, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get her number either. So you should be all ears when she says her name so as not to let her repeat it over again; it’s just a name, it’s not rocket science.

Never call her mami during your first meeting. Mami is a term of endearment for Latinas. However, calling her that on your first meeting may put her off. It’ll make you appear like you’re being too forward with her. Although the goal is to try and get closer to her, you should also respect her boundaries. Try to pace yourself instead of charging head-on.

Never kiss her on the cheek. In Colombian culture, kisses on the cheek are usually done between women. The few lucky men that get to experience this privilege probably already have close ties with the woman. If you kiss her on the cheek, especially in the early stages of dating, you might be mistaken for being too aggressive. Colombian women are quite conservative, so make sure to be respectful. Greeting her with a simple hola or buenas noches on your first meeting will do just fine.

Never disrespect her family or friends. This goes without saying. If she introduces you to her friends and family, regard them accordingly. Latin women are deeply attached to their families. In order to take the relationship to the next level, make sure to leave a good impression in her inner circle. Show her that you care for her family as much as you care for her. By doing so, she would think you are taking her seriously.

Never refuse to learn their language. You can start by learning the basic greetings, such as buenos dias, hola, and adios. Then you can move on to common phrases, like como estas, muy bien, por favor, gracias, and de nada. You might not become fluent, but speaking a few choice words and phrases does show that you are making an effort to understand her. This could lead to a deeper connection between you two.

Never force her to do things she’s not comfortable doing. Though Latin American societies are known for their patriarchal tendencies, most Latinas will never put up with subjugation. So don’t even think that you can easily dominate them and dictate them on what to do. Although there is nothing wrong with suggesting things you want to do, you should also check whether she is open to doing them or not. In short, be considerate of her needs and wants.

If you want to keep a steady and solid relationship with a Latina, be aware of the things you must avoid from doing. Be mindful of the words you use, especially if both of you just started spending time together. In doing so, you will become one of the lucky men who enjoy life with Medellin women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 28 February, 2024 - Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
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